How do we work?



 Our principles

  • Positive and natural training
  • Theoretical and practice-oriented
  • For all breeds and ages of dogs
  • It is never too late to start, but sooner is better 

We teach using the I-L-e coaching method, we accompany you on your journey with your dog and we try to help you create a harmonious relationship. We emphasize a good relationship and communication between the owner and the dog.


I-L-e ® couching is a complex philosophy, a method originating in Germany, which is very innovative and therefore may seem very complicated to many people in the beginning. In the long run, however, it makes sense and helps to create a long-term and strong relationship between the dog and its owner.


What does this abbreviation actually mean?


“I” = Instinct / Intelligence


L = Lifestyle,


e = Education / Erziehung / Education


The I-L-e ® couch (trainer) will teach you how to properly motivate your dog to work with you. The dog is a social animal, he likes the structure and rules that give him security. The I-L-e ® coach (trainer) will teach you how to work properly with your dog.


Part of the training is the correct direction of social and hunting instincts while using the “dummy” training. You will learn to use the “dummy” training bag with us correctly and the benefits it brings will surely inspire you as well as us. The dummy training was invented by Jan Nijboer (Dogmanship) and Erik Kersting (I-L-e couching) in Germany. It stimulates social learning, correctly directs the use of the hunting instinct of dogs, the dog will learn to follow you more and cooperate with you.


First of all, we would like to invite you to an individual analytical interview, during which we will talk about your ideas and goals. At the same time, we will look at where possible misunderstandings could arise between you and your dog and suggest an individual plan.



    group traning

    together walk

    Teorie after training

    course-Karlovy Vary

    presentation-farm kozodoj

    Agility play


    Training in public

    Public places

    Training in subway

    agility play

    group training

    Individual lessons

    Before you join the group lessons we recommend at least 10 individual lessons. Individual lessons are important so that there is enough time to explain the theory and solve specific problem situations. Trainings usually take place in busy places so that the dog learns to work in a real environment with disturbing elements.

    Group lessons

    Group workouts are an important component of training. You have the opportunity to train with a dog in the presence of other dogs and excitement. Most training takes place in public places so that real situations can be practiced. Group lessons are held by appointment, but usually once a week in Prague. You can find the schedule of courses in the news and events section.

    Intensive course

    Upon agreement, intensive courses can take place in your place of residence. The intensive course is designed for 4 days.

    Price list

     5We would like everyone to be able to afford to come to us. That’s why we try to keep prices low. The prices listed below are recommended prices. If you like us and have the opportunity to pay more, we will be happy. On the contrary, if you are in a difficult life situation, we will definitely make an agreement.


    Introductory analytical interview – 1500 CZK

    Individual lessons – 800 CZK

    10 individual lessons (package) – 5500 CZK

    Group lesson in package -250 CZK

    Group lessons individually – 300 CZK

    (the package must be issued within 3 months of purchase, the money is non-refundable)


    Travel fee – 10 CZK / km (calculated from Prague 6)


    The lesson lasts 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your dog’s training level. The main thing for us is to end the lesson positively.