Lucie Přibylová MSc.


Hi ! My name is Lucie Přibylová and I will coach you on your way with your four legs partner.

Personal profile

In June 2019, I completed a master’s degree in animal-human relations at the Vienna Veterinary University. During my studies, I gained a lot of experience in the fields of animal welfare, cognitive biology, comparative medicine, and philosophy related to animal rights. My study also included a large number of internships on farms of various specializations, from animal production through educational focus to farms offering animal therapies. As part of my bachelor’s studies, I completed internships in training centers for police and military dogs in the Czech Republic, as well as in a training center for blind dogs in Jinonice or canine therapy classes in Poděbrady. In Aachen, I successfully completed a two-year study focusing on dog training and counseling for problematic dog behavior. I am currently studying for a doctorate at the Department of Ethology and Hobby Breeding at the CULS. I really like the connection between the theory that I get at university and practice in running the Dogisfriend dog school.



Master of Science, Master program : Human-animal relationship, Vetmed university in Viena


A dog trainer of seizure-alert dogs, Aachen, Canis Familiaris, Teacher: Doc. Erika Kersting


Dog behavior coach, Aachen, Canis Familiaris, Teacher: Doc.Erik Kersting


Bachelor Degree, Study Program: Kynology, Czech University of life sciences in Prague

My philosophy

My job is my mission. The main goal for me is for you to understand your dog and have a beautiful life together without stress.

 I’m demanding. You will love or hate training with me. I will be happy to guide you on your journey, I will advise you, but most of the work will still be mainly on you.

What do others say about me?

I recommend training with Lucie if you don’t know how to raise your dog. Here you will receive valuable advice and exercises are designed to encourage your dog to cooperate better with you, to concentrate better, to retain lust, and to respond less to all kinds of strange stimuli, dogs or people. Intense weekends are especially beneficial. Very nice, helpful and flexible trainer – Great place where you will learn new methods of exercise and really get to know your dog and he will get you. Nice, energetic and sympathetic instructor Lucka with a sense of humor and a big dog ​​heart! 🐕☺️ 

-Lucka just has a sixth sense. She just took us through an intensive four-day course (it was already the second course, under Lucka). She quickly revealed who had what shortcomings and then adapted the course accordingly. It was very enriching, fun and probably most important to me, very motivating, both for the dog and for the person. My 11 month old female is finally starting to work as a partner and not as a JUKEbox. Well, the 10-year-old grandmother got younger beautifully again. I hope to see you again soon (distance). She is a handy girl 😁I recommend!

 -I have been cooperating with Lucie on training my dog ​​for more than a year and a half and I am very satisfied. Jení’s approach has a very clear concept for me and it suits me and my dog. The lessons are fun, colorful, respecting our pace and mood. I perceive the great shift we have made, and it would certainly be even greater in my diligent efforts between lessons. Lucie can motivate, encourage and explain the theory and practice very clearly. I recommend without hesitation and thank you


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