Dog is friend

dog school with a friendly approach


As in interpersonal relationships, so in the relationship between man and dog, misunderstandings can occur, which later lead to stress on both sides. Pulling on the leash, aggression, peeing at home… Sometimes it is enough to change a little to harmonize the situation again.


We work with positive methods so that you and your dog friend can enjoy training. Before each training, I will explain a little theory to you, so you know why and what we are doing. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.        I will be happy to help you on your journey with your partner.


Well trained dog

A well-behaved dog can walk on a leash, he does not pull. Therefore, he can go almost anywhere with his mistress and can be a reliable partner to him.

A well-behaved dog can stay in his place when you want him to, does not bark and does not jump on visitors. Therefore, he can accompany the owner everywhere and be his reliable partner.

Well trained dog is calm and can lie down where you tell him. He is calm, even if children are playing next to him or the whole family is sitting at the table. Therefore, he can go anywhere with his family and be a part of it.

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What do we offer?


 Education for you and your dog.

Individual and group lessons

seizure-alert dog training

Did you know that dogs are able to detect human epileptic seizure?


Are you going for holiday and your dog cant go with you? Contact us!

advices before you get a dog

You don’t know which breed you like to choose? If an older dog or a puppy? Contact us