How do we work



Our principles

  • Positive and natural tarining 


  • Theoretical and practice oriented


  • For all breeds and ages of dogs


  • It is never too late to start, but sooner is better 😉




  • Our teaching method is based on coaching. Meaning I would like to coach you and your dog-friend together in order to help you have a better and stronger relationship with him or her


  • Or teaching method is very relationship-oriented, I will try to explain where possible misunderstandings in a relationship with your dog could be, therefore I always prefer to work with theory
  • First, I would like to invite you for an interview. Every dog has a different personality and therefore we have to take it into account when approaching the coaching method that we apply. I would like to ask you some question about the daily life so that I can have a clear understanding of your dog.




    Běta and Ali

    Training in germany




    Individual lessons

    Before joining the group trainings, we suggest to take at least 10 idividual classes.

    Group lessons

    Group lessons take place once a week. For more information see the news or fb.

    Intensive course

    Upon agreement, intensive courses can take place in your place of residence. The intensive course is designed for 4 days.


    Individuální lesson/first analyze interview – 600 Kč

    10 individual lessons (packet) – 4000 Kč

    20 individual lessons -(packet) 6000 Kč

    Group lesson – 250 Kč

    Kombi packet (10 individual a 10 group lessons) – 6000 Kč


    travell fee – 5 Kč/km (from Prague)  

    One lesson takes about 30-60 minutes, depens on, what your dog needs. Important is for us to finish the training positively.

    If you boght the packet lessons, you need to finish the course in 20 weeks.